Assistant Professor
School of Industrial Design

613.520.2600 ext. 5626 / Chantal.Trudel@carleton.ca

Chantal is interested in design’s role in health, safety, performance and productivity, with special interest in: clinical processes and the design of products and environment; patient and family experience in health care design; design for women and newborn care; the role of design in understanding and practicing infection prevention and control (IPAC); and human computer interaction in health care design. Her students have explored digital navigation in hospitals; noise cancellation/personalized acoustic control for in-patients; IPAC and ergonomic considerations in commode chair and hand sanitizer design; sensor and internet-enabled technology for facilitating family assistance in care; to name just a few examples. Other students have explored health and safety within the context of forest fighting with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, investigating human factors considerations.